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Over the years we have earned the reputation of breeding some of the very finest Labradoodles in the UK. With the passage of time our Standard black,chocolate and cream Labradoodles have retired and we are now breeding black and cream medium, small and parti mini doodles. They have all the same attributes as our big dogs,but the ease of walking and grooming cannot be overestimated! Our Labradoodles have had the whole range of health tests. They all have excellent hip scores and have a yearly eye exam by a qualified dog eye specialist as well as having the PRA test by Optigen. Our miniature Labradoodles have curly,non casting coats which are extremely unlikely to trigger a reaction in people who suffer from dog allergies.

These are Tulah's pups at two weeks old. All will have lovely curls and grow to between 16-19 inches in height. Absolute dolls!


This lovely photo shows our three generations of Labradoodles plus our Goldendoodle Bear. They are all mixed up in this photo,but if you skip around there is Tulah who is four and is 19in to the shoulder. Her daughter is the black dog--Nina. She is 17in. Her daugher is Magpie(Pie) who is only 8 months old,but will probably end up about 15/16 in to the shoulder. Little cream pup is Millie---daugher of Tulah---she is just here for a brief visit,but nice to show that Tulah and Nina throw various colours.


Our pups are reared as part of the family and share their days with our grown dogs and ourselves.


Most allergy sufferers find that our multi-generation labradoodles do not trigger their symptoms. We spend a great deal of our time helping families to find just the right pup to join their family and we are very proud of our success rate. Visitors are always welcome on a "try before you buy" basis to see if there is any reaction to our labradoodle puppies.
We are delighted that Caitlin Labradoodles are now bringing pleasure to families in many parts of the world. We have pups in Ireland, Finland,Switzerland,Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Bermuda and the USA.

This clever dog is Sickan--now living in Sweden.


This is Nanna--who lives in Denmark.


Photographs of our dogs and many of our puppies with their proud owners can be found on our web site. We have had fun recording the first year of our pups development and we have put this on the site so that prospective owners can see just what their fluffy pup will grow into and have a bit of an idea of the challenges and joys that will come with owning a Labradoodle.

Flynn is from our Puff and Indy is from our Finn---inseperable mates.

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